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my main focus is scenery/landmarks/buildings and water.
Hi there, I have several medium format cameras, but keep coming back to my Rolleiflex TLRs. I have 3, an MX, MX-EVS, and 3.5E-Planar. While the Planar has the sharpest lens of the three, and the MX, the least sharpest, it is only when you compare them you can see the difference.

Planars are becoming more expensive, but you're getting a camera that (if taken care of) can last your lifetime. There are known problems with the Mamiyas & Minoltas. But it also comes down to: you get what you pay for.

The Rolleis have the easiest to use DoF scale, and the Planar also a light meter. I use the DoF scale when focusing, but after 27 years, know how to judge an exposure, and never use a meter.

Rolleiflex TLRs are logical, quiet, dependable, and capable of closeups if you have the proper filters. For what you're saying you'll be shooting, this camera would work out fine.