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A picture is worth a thousand words.


That is what I was alluding to. The 7X11 format would by it's aspect ratio normally be considered a panoramic format. Just as your and my 12X20 format. All of the panoramic images that I have seen are presented horizontally. Maybe you have seen some that I haven't and if you have I would appreciate knowing about them. In fact the aspect ratio of the 7X11 is is very near the 12X20. Typically a diptych or triptych would be used on a horizontal (panoramic) image and it would be used to separate the long dimension rather then the short dimension (at least all that I have seen have been presented that way). I don't know of many subjects shot in a banquet format that would benefit from further dividing the minor aspect (short dimension).

Do you make many images with your 12X20 in which the long dimension is in a vertical orientation?