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i know what f stops are, been amerture or pro for over 30 yrs, just didn't know if the longer focal length would change the amount of light even though the opening was larger, you guys belong on betterphoto.com, ask any question there and you'll get forulas to figure it out, i now photo for FUN, if you can't handle that then don't read my post
I don't understand why you got so defensive. You asked a question. You were answered. It was a very basic question - so many assumed you were not aware of the basic theory behind it... and what do you know- explained it to you.
I've literally asked dozens of questions on these pages, and have recieved nothing but kind and thoughtful replies. Such as you recieved based on the question you asked. Perhaps the only person here that has any trouble handling anything is you - like the fact that the answers you recieved were very fitting to the level of knowledge you showed in your question.
I find it in very poor taste to lash out at people who take time to help you out just because you are insecure about your own abilities. Smarten up and appreciate this community - you would be very hard pressed to find a more helpful one anywhere - instead of pointing out who does and does not belong here! You can be assured that this kind of attitude only puts one persons "belonging" in question...