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A picture is worth a thousand words.


That is what I was alluding to. The 7X11 format would by it's aspect ratio normally be considered a panoramic format. Just as your and my 12X20 format. All of the panoramic images that I have seen are presented horizontally. Maybe you have seen some that I haven't and if you have I would appreciate knowing about them. In fact the aspect ratio of the 7X11 is is very near the 12X20. Typically a diptych or triptych would be used on a horizontal (panoramic) image and it would be used to separate the long dimension rather then the short dimension (at least all that I have seen have been presented that way). I don't know of many subjects shot in a banquet format that would benefit from further dividing the minor aspect (short dimension).

Do you make many images with your 12X20 in which the long dimension is in a vertical orientation?

...how about you take two pics in one negative, you develop it and then cut along the dark line and place them side by side? since the aspect ratio will be so "big" it should give a feeling of true panoramic.

OTOH there is no reason why you cannot make one dark slide with the rectangle on the far left, one with the rectangle in the mdidle and one with the rectangle in the far right leaving just a thin edge on each of the extremes as supposrt. so lets see the image would be 3 shots one right next to the other of measurements 6 7/8x3 1/2 in. Or you can do only two slides....the combinations are endless.

I seem to recall a guy who did a series or "tryptich" one on top of the other, but I dont remember where.

Certainly I have not found a photograph where I can use the 12x20 vertical, but I do carry a smaller tripod presicely for those occasions so I can support the camera with two tripods.

Some times we need to think out of the box, just because it has not been done does not mean it should not be done...no?