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I have quite a bit in the freezer right now from when the crisis hit. Someone here have any communication with Bergger? Maybe I'll rustle up an email address
and see if they answer. J+C does have it in stock right now. I notice John from there is keeping mum on this. Freestyle says October(?) That's less than 30 days away. This saga is just so pathetic...
Best, Peter Schrager
We've had Forte Polywarmtone, Polygrade and Fortezzo under our J&C brand for three years. Even when Forte was under recivership we had all of these in stock in at least some sizes. Forte was bought out by an investment firm and is currently solvent. We've been receiving shipments from them for months now. I believe I have posted all of this before on previous threads. I really don't understand what all the excitement is about.