Oh another one who thinks surge marks exist. They don`t. They are simply areas that received the proper agitation compared to the areas that that did not so they are under developed. The usual cure is to try less and more gentle agitation. Guess what, the surge marks get worse.

The reason the Patterson tanks works well is there is lots of free space for the developer to flow into while inverting providing full and complete agitation.

Put only enough developer in the stainless tank to cover the reel fully and invert 5 to 7 times in 5 sec twice a minute. You want the developer to move and replace all the used developer across the full film surface. This is right off Kodaks website.
You may also use a two reel tank with an empty reel on top and only developer to cover the bottom when at rest. Invert twice in 5 sec.

In either case twist 90 deg when you set it down so as not to set up a particular pattern. Agitation must be vigorous and random.

This is a guaranteed solution.

Water and stop can work equally well although the acid can stop the development immediately. There is a grain penalty for either. I recommend you skip it altogether and go straight into the fix.