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We can learn a LOT about photography through formal or semi-formal education: exposure, film grain structure, contrast, developing and processing -- and composition... ad infinitum.
Very possibly the more important subject, and one that directly relates to the performance of art, would be, "How to Recognize and `Feel' the Emotion and Passion of the Artist Creating the Work - Including Oneself as the Artist".
How many times has that been offered in a Adult Education course?

The photograph reveals more of the photographer than the nude model reveals of her/himself.
I couldn't agree more. Very well stated, I might add.

At the risk of taking this thread off track for a moment, I will relate the following:
I came across an interesting quote the other day and I probably won't remember it correctly but the basic premise was as follows.

"All knowledge is abstract until it is joined with personal experience and if that personal experience is not deeply moving, it too will become abstract"

My personal favorite photographer, Brett Weston. Why? Because of his presentation of abstraction that perhaps has joined with some knowledge within me to the point that it was deeply moving.