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I pulled 4 prints out of the wash and noticed that one of the edges has a teeny tiny fleck. I examined my easel and found a little piece of dust that must have been blocking the light. The edge is paper black with a tiny white speck out of it. I am trying figure out how to fill that in with out making things worse. Some thoughts were to gently place a razor on the edge then apply spot tone, but I suspect the spot tone may bleed out over the edge. Any ideas? Thanks!

Sean, I'll give you some spotting basics, although you probably all ready know them. First put some small drops of spottone on a dish and break it up into smaller drops and smudges and allow it to dry. After it's dried, use the tiniest brush you can get, 0000 is probably the smallest you'll find. Moisten the brush slightly with water, then roll the wet brush in a dried splotch of spottone that matches the tonality of the spot you want to eliminate. The key is to make the brush as dry as possible, to wipe away as much liquid as you can so that a nearly dry brush is used to apply the dye. A brush that is dry will not bleed over the edge. It will stay where you put it. You will need to make small gentle dots with the brush until the spot is gone. Be patient, slower is better than faster. An almost dry brush is the key. If you can make droplets on the print with it, it is too wet.