Mozart, Betthoven, Michaelangelo, did not sit down and create just for the love of it. They had to work to pay the bills and live. Almost all of their work was completed as paid commisions. In that regard, while they may be considered 3 of the greatest artists the Western world has ever known, they almost would have considered themselves master craftsman with a product that was in great demand. The work is only considered great art when the public or the purchaser says it is so.

The same holds true today. I have long felt that Ansel Adams was a great craftsman who created work that was eventually accepted as art. Quite a bit of his best work was done when working on commission from the National Parks Service.I don't know if he ever considered himself a great artist, but I think he thought of himself as a master craftsman.

So my opinion, photography is a craft. Your craft can be technically perfect but have no soul, so it stays a craft. you can create images that the craftsman may say are technically inferior, but if peers and collectors say it is art, you become an artist.