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Mozart, Betthoven, Michaelangelo, did not sit down and create just for the love of it. They had to work to pay the bills and live. Almost all of their work was completed as paid commisions.
I don't think that monetary gain necessarily determines whether or not a work is art or craft. Art *can* be produced for money, or sustenance or ..., witness numerous artists funded by "grants". There is something else ... Art requires the involvement of the "spirit" of the one creating it. It must exhibit something of life.
A craftsman can make a table, for himself, with *no* idea of making money, faithfully following a blueprint, without becoming emotionally involved. The table may be beautiful, but if it is not an expression of its maker, it is a "craft piece" ... not necessarily a "bad" thing ... just not really art.

So, when we photograph ... WHY do we do it? I would not mind making money from it ... but that is not even close to my primary motivation, neither is status or being seen as a "Great Photographer" (In all honesty, that was my goal when I first started ... but I learned that "greatness" is a numbing illusion).

I know that this sounds simplistic ... but the best answer I can give is that "I do it because I feel better doing it than I do when I don't do it."

Why do I feel like that? .... I'm not sure... I'll keep at it until I figure it out.