For my first darkroom, I'm going to use an old back of drawers cabinet that I have in the garage now. It has a missing cutting board slot on the top row, and a pretty average size drawer below that. I'm going to convert that top drawer into a paper safe ala some of those darkroom books.

For stability, since I'm next to a very solid concrete wall, I'm going to take and the drawers out and mount the whole thing through the side to this wall. I may have to add a piece of plywood to the back for lateral stability, depending on the shape of the cabinet after I try to move it downstairs!

I like the suggestions about wall mounting though. I think I've seen some photos of someone who mounted the enlarger on the wall, and had the base board on adjustable mounts. This would be pretty cool, but I would think that you would have to be very careful to maintain proper alignment etc.

Good luck.

Have you guys ever mass posted your own dardrooms in the gallery for us newbies to drool over? I saw two or three there today, but the more the better! Thanks.