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Well. Dave. Funny you should ask. I'll be ordering 3 of your GG for some of the cameras. How's you backlog looking (still waiting on my 4x5 screen ordered early July).

Steve - unofficial Seattle Camera Makers co-leader (one of 9)

Should not be to much longer, we are just finishing all of the June orders and getting them out, you have to understand, there are only two of us hand making these screens, and we are currently averaging over 300 orders per month! I have currently shut down our photography business, due to time constaints and we are getting them out as fast as possible, What started out as a "I wonder if anyone else would be interested" has become a fulltime plus business, and I am anal on the quality of what I put out..as stated on our website, we try very hard to get them out in 4-7 weeks, sometimes things do come up, but we try very hard to stay in that time frame.

If there is a problem as I have told everyone, I am more than willing to refund money so that you may secure glass from someone who can supply a bit quicker.

Thanks for the inquiry.

Dave parker
Satin Snow Ground Glass