Life is not always as simple as - "I like TRI-X." It is "I like TRI-X in PMK for 4x5 Format. - In 120 or 35mm, I do not like TRI-X in PMK." So here is what my choice films like - ..... You know you should talk to your films on a regular basis to get to know what they like.

4x5 Tri-x - PMK - asa200 Sharpness and nice looking grain - good range - very tolerant to large contrast spans. A preferance

4x5 FP4 - PMK - ASA80 Sharpness and smoother richer tones - very large enlargements and good contrast span

120 or 35mm TRI-X Microdol X (100g Sod Sulfite, 5g Metol, 30g Salt, 1L water) ASA200 Very sharp - nice looking grain structure - very fine grain. Also good in split D23 with more sharpness and more grain. Not good in PMK or DiXactol unless the print size is 11 x 14 or less. D-76 is good with less sharpness than the rest.

120 or 35mm HP5 at 1600asa in D76 N+2 contrast, comparatively smooth grain structure and very enlargable. The only film I like to push and enlarge much. Not as sharp as TRI X but the smudgy looking grain will give a smooth appearance when enlarged.

120 FP4 DiXactol at asa80 - Smooth tonality, very sharp grain - very tolerant of highlight separation - very good to 11x14 and sometimes more. A preferance

FP4 or HP5 35mm at advertised film speed - Split D23 - good trade of sharpness and grain - very forgiving - good enlargability

This is what I have come up with so far as favorites. FWIW