Well the first gathering of the Great Lakes APUG members was today, and everything was very nice.

We all gathered at the Big Boy in Clare, to drink coffee and chat. We had a lovely time getting to know each other a bit. We then went out to canvas the area for photo opps. The town must have thought they had been over run by National Geographic or something.

Shutters clicking left and right, the whir of auto film re-winders. The sense that at any moment, “THE” image would be captured, which would change the life of all of us.

It was truly a spectacle to behold.

So the 3 of us knocked around town a bit, and then went out into the countryside to check out a few things. Back into town for a burger and beer, and a bit of football.

All in all, a very nice day. Good folks, nice weather, and a good burger.

I do hope we can interest some of you to join us on our next outing. It’s nice to put a face to a name, and sharing information is easier face to face.

I look forward to our next gathering.

Pete Dendrinos