Pentaxuser ~ Thank you for your input. I've spent a few hours perusing other "unknowns" photography sites. Here is where my hesitation lies... I'm finding a ton of unknown photographers who are just slightly less for their DIGITAL INKJET prints, than I am charging for my fiber base, wet chemical darkroom prints. There's just something in me that cringes at the idea that a digital print would sell for more than an "analog" print. Thus my hesitation to reduce my prices. I've also found other "well known" photographers pricing their fiber base prints anywhere between $1000-$5000/each ($5K is often for the last 5 prints in the set). It seems that I'm well under the price of those folks who are "established". I think I may wait a while on any price decrease and see how the website traffic continues... see if I get any bites on the "featured print" for $100 & $200 first.

But, sincerely, I do apreciate you stopping in and posting to the thread.