Hey Joey,
I'm in a bit of a rush, so I will give you a quick answer and then follow up later. If I'm not mistaken, you might be suffering from the fairly common X-series capacitor failure. I had an X-700 that would intermittently function because of this. The main symptom is that the shutter wouldn't fire and thus, nothing would advance. I have a parts XG-M that does this too.

Some things to check:
1. Are your batteries OK?
2. Does the shutter fire? Intermittently?
3. Do the internal LEDs light up?

Worse case scenario, there are some repair manuals floating around (I will follow with the links later). If it is the capacitor problem, it is a fairly easy and cheap fix if you're OK with a soldering iron and jewellers screwdrivers. There is a chap on eBay sells the capacitor kits and instructions.

Let me know what your exact symptoms are and I might be able to help more.