i first found out about "130" when i was broke and living in a studio/loft and didnt' have money to buy more developer ..
there had been a can of "gaf universal" on the drafty window sill ( baking in 100+ summers an dfreeing in -10 winters) probably since probably the 1970s ..
i threw caution to the wind and mixed the whole can up to make something like 5 gallons ...
it was a hot summer, and i shot maybe 30 -40 rolls of film, and 100-200 sheets of 4x5 film. i didn't know then what i know now about how long the developer stays good as "stock" so i processed and printed like mad to make sure the stuff didn't go bad on me.

it wasn't until a few years later that i was talking to jc welch at equinox photographic and he told me that the formulary sold the same stuff as their paper developer.

haven't really used anything else since

mike - if you like what it does for paper, you'll really like what it does on film