I've recently picked one up, and am really happy with it.

No film spacing problems, and the lens is nice and sharp. I don't find the viewfinder too dark either, and I have the TTL prism. It is not that heavy either, and is easy enough to carry around over the shoulder for a few hours walking.

To ensure you don't have film spacing problems, first start by reading the correct loading instructions. This should prevent most problems. There is the "baier" winding method that will also help ensure frame spacing problems are avoided. Lastly there is a modification that can be made that gives you a visual indication as to whether the film has wound on enough.

There are a great selection of good lenses at reasonable prices (especially wide angles and longer telephotos), plus other accessories such as different finders, extension tubes and bellows, etc. and all at good prices.

Worth a punt I reckon, especially if you buy from a reputable seller.