According to a very recent advert by a UK stockist Forte are back with a vengance and like Ilford taking the offensive and launching new products. However they aren't relevant to this forum as they are Inkjet papers, but if that helps them survive it's to our benefit.

J&C posted a well informed and explicit reply in another thread all about Forte & also re-branding. The irony is as Kodak's dropped B&W papers their old Hungarian coating plant is still going strong as Forte !


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We've had Forte Polywarmtone, Polygrade and Fortezzo under our J&C brand for three years. Even when Forte was under recivership we had all of these in stock in at least some sizes. Forte was bought out by an investment firm and is currently solvent. We've been receiving shipments from them for months now. I believe I have posted all of this before on previous threads. I really don't understand what all the excitement is about.