Ok, well got my first roll of the experiment back. Posted a pic in the anniversary gallery.


I used a $6 reloadable plastic lens camera fixed at iso200, with a 28mm lens. Provia100 processed in c-41.

I found that using the full 35mm frame doesn't make for an interesting look. However, when cropping in on the frame and using around 1/4th of the full frame, gives that soft abstract feel associated with the plastic lens. For my next roll I'm going to concentrate on images composed from a distance, then crop inward for the final print. I also think I'll stick with the cross-processing because I know what to expect next time around. Will post my next results...


I've rethought the experiment and have done the following. Using photoshop (gasp), I removed the color and blurred some of the edge and adjusted the contrast. I'm sure I can pull off the same exact thing in the darkroom (but my darkroom isn't built yet). I really like the look so far and am going to keep experimenting with this. Thanks for any input!