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Well, Niko... I think you misunderstood my intentions...

685 CHF per night for a double room ? I might as well rent a couple of suites (for 1950 CHF each), one for me and one for the maids (that always follow me in the second Rolls I take with me, in case the first has its ashtray filled up and I have to discard it)

Anyway, thank you for the interesting info... although I cannot take advantage of it.

My wife and I stayed in Lugano at the San Carlo Garni. I can say without any exaggeration that it was the smallest hotel room I have ever seen... so small that I took a picture of the two of us sitting on the bed holding hands and each touching the opposite wall. It is however very conveniently located (we arrived and departed via the train) pedestrian friendly and not 685 CHF/night. The staff were also pleasant and helpful. Other options can be found at: http://www.lugano-tourism.ch/framewo..._id=2682&ssm=1 Lugano is fabulously situated. It is also quite polished and not inexpensive. I did find many things to photograph in the short time we were there.