I want to thank everyone who has signed up to be in the blind print exchange. Sean is going to put up a page similar to the post card exchange, traveling protfolio and traveling negative project.

I would like to put mailing addresses on that page and have it password protected. Everyone would be assigned a number in the order you asked to join and I would put the number pairings on the page and then you would get the other person's address there. If you are uncomfortable having your address on the page, let me know and we can just pair up numbers and leave it to individuals to get the addresses from each other. Only individuals that want to participate would have the password.

right now I am collecting addresses and sending PMs to people with the pairings, but as we get up to and past 20 people it becomes to time consuming for me to do that.

thanks for any other suggestion or input,

Jim(multiplenumbers) Chinn