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The full cure may be worse than the disease. So itís not so much a sign of cheapness, more a sign of how much the design is balanced between different goals. One opinion is that a little vignetting at f/1.4 is not such a bad thing in a lens intended for pictorial use, because of the typical circumstances in which f/1.4 is used. The Leica Noctilux (50 mm f/1) has a lot of vignetting wide open, but who would notice it in blurry snaps taken in the gloomy dungeons that typical Leica users frequent?
Thanks for the good answer. I'm figuring if a rediculously expensive Leica lens shows some vignetting, then a $150 Nikkor shouldn't bother me much. I actually hadn't even noticed it before the last roll of film I just shot, so I'll pretend it never happened.