When I was doing 35mm and MF, I had pretty well standardized on Tri-X TX developing in Xtol with a dash of Rodinal thrown in. When I moved to 4x5, I started a contest between APX 100/Rodinal 1:50 and Tri-X TXT. I was just a little dissapointed in the TXT because it tended to blown out a little in the highlights. Not quite as versatile as the TX stuff. I had just decided to standardize on APX 100 when Agfa decided to pull the plug on its LF production. Now I'm leaning towards J&C 200/ABC pyro. TXT/ABC looks good but even more tendancy to blow out highlights in a high contrast situation.

Looks like J&C 200 may become the standard. I'm seeing good reports on Sandy King's pyrocat so may have to give it a comparative try.

Life is much easier when i only have to worry about one film/one developer. All the technical variety that is available is just too much clutter for me.