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has anyone had a kiev88 or the upgraded versions of these cameras made by arax and hartblei/ experience comments, thanks
I don't know anything about the upgraded hartblei/arax cameras but I have a plain Jane 88CM Kiev and it has been a really nice and reliable camera. This is the model that takes Pentacon Six/Kiev 60 lenses. I bought the camera because I had some really nice German glass in Pentacon Six mount (50mm Flektogon, 120 Biometer, 180 Zeiss Sonnar and 300 Zeiss Sonnar).

I bought my Kiev 88CM for $175 on ebay, in mint condition with two backs, a TTL meter prism, and 80mm multi-coated lens. I tried to find a Hasselblad with two backs, metered prism and lens at the same price, but to no avail.