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A friend brought a Kiev 88 back from a trip to russia. I shot test negs against a Hasselblad, mamiya c330 and a 1950's Zenobia 645 my father shot in the Korean war. The Kiev was the worst of the bunch. The lens was junk. Why buy a camera that will give you a poor neg? She now lets her grandchildren play "pictures" with it. She paid about $320.00 for it a Mamiya c330 can be had for about $450.00 in good shape with great optics.
She must have really got one of the bad ones!

What people are not taking into account is the camera this person asked about, is not a Kiev, but is a camera that has been completely taken apart, had new parts made for and brought back to the tolerances it should have been to begin with, my version I had, did quite well for me through many years of wedding shooting, in fact to this day, I will put the negs up against both my Mamiyas and my Hassy negs, in addition, depending on the model you get, you can have access to some world class glass that is available for it. The 80mm factory glass for the Kiev is a crap shoot, there are good ones, as well as bad ones out there, but this goes for any camera system..I had a 80mm Hassy lens that was absolute junk, it became a paper weight on my desk it was so bad, so even with the big name cameras, there can be bad stuff.