I've never heard anybody complain about the lenses. Sure you can find one with fungus or whatever but then you can find a lemon from anybody. If you really didn't like the lenses nothing stops you from sticking Zeiss Jena or Schiender [I think it was Schiender] lenses on the body. Kiev lenses also tend to be faster then the average MF lens. If you're using the wide open and comparing them against a different lens at F/4 or whatever then it's not apples to apples.

People seem to have a wierd double standard about Kievs. The average Kiev was a pro camera that was hard used. OTOH I doubt many ever got a CLA. My Kiev 6C is I think 35 years old. Before I had it CLA'd it likely had never been touched. Yet it works 100%. How many other hard used camras could handle that? How many western pros would go more then 2 years without a CLA? Without having backup bodies?