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Like Dave, I too would put 6X6 negatives from the Kiev 88CM, with both German and Russian glass, up against anything one might want to throw at them from the Mamiya, Bronica and Hasselblad firing range. Kiev cameras and glass are not junk, though quality control is an issue. But I have also found quality control to be an issue with most cameras, including Bronica, Mamiya and, my God should I say it, "Hasselblad."
I agree, in fact, my favorite wide angle 6x6 lens is an ARSAT 55mm MC PC lens. I should add that I have East German Zeiss MC Flektagons, West German Tstar Zeiss Distagons and a Schneider MC Curtagon for comparison.

[/QUOTE]Now, if anyone want to really talk performance in a 16X20 print, the Fuji 6X9 cameras with EBC lenses will blow away any competion in 6X6 (Bronica, Mamiya, or Hasselbald). On or off tripod for direct comparison.


I'm in agreement there as well!
BTW, the 645 EBC Fujinons are no slouch either!