Dave ~ Agreed on the 'price received'. I've since lowered my print prices to original levels ($150/$300). Getting more and more hits on the site. Averaging 100+/day for the past week. Hopefully, I'll bump into a buyer. At the very least, people are getting an initial impression of the style and subject matter that I photograph. Maybe that will lead to interest in viewing a print in person (crossing fingers).

At any rate, I'm glad that the thread has helped others. I'm glad that so many of you responded to me, even though I was an absolute unknown in this forum. Your input has been graciously received on my end. Thank you.

Now.... who wants to argue about which is better: reflected metering or incident metering, fiber or RC, analog or damn-it-all... oooops, I mean "dig-i-tal". Wow, that's a tough word to pronounce. Guess I'll find these debates in other threads. LOL