Thank you for informing me of the correct terminology for the paper. It makes it much easier when everyone is speaking in the same terms.

As you will recall I exposed a Stouffer tablet on both the grade two and grade three Azo papers. I sent you the densities and corresponding steps and on the total of 1.87 range (grade two) you indicated that your program indicated a 1.60 density range for the negative. This corresponded to my trial and error early attempts (I had found that the grade two Azo would print above 1.54 from a negative that I had). Grade three Azo showed a total of 1.35. I would imagine that this would place the desired negative density range in the area of 1.10.

After the testing with the step tablets I then shot film to determine if my actual results matched my darkroom testing. For all practical purposes the densities of my camera negatives were in line with my step tablet exposures and development times (so long as my metering was consistant).

This afternoon I printed those negatives and the density range of the negatives matched both grade two and grade three paper very nicely. In fact these are the best Azo prints that I have been able to produce to this point.

While I can't speak to other's experiences, I am comfortable that the paper characteristics (as tested) are consistant with what my actual experience in producing prints.

As an aside another photographer on the Azo forum had indicated a 1.48 density range in his testing. I am not sure that he did reflection testing of the paper to determine that value though.