I bought one from Kiev Camera in March and have been quite happy with the overall quality of the camera and the service from Kiev. Due to my stupidity, I stripped the gear in the winder. I called to see if it was covered under warranty or what it would cost to get it fixed and they told me to ship it back and I would have a new camera in a week. I shipped it out on a Monday, they received it on Wednesday and on Friday I had a new camera. No fuss, no muss! It only cost me the price of shipping. The biggest factor for me in deciding to go with Kiev was the very reasonable prices for Russian lenses and the ability to upgrade to Zeiss lens when I could afford it. The second biggest factor was their return policy and 1 year warranty. I probably could have waited around patiently and found a used Hassy or Mamiya setup for close to the same money, but I would not have had a warranty and that seemed to be more of a crap shoot than Kiev's reputation for quality control issues.