My husband and I are BRAND NEW to the world of anaolog cameras. We decided to PASS on buying one of the much touted digital cameras and recently bought our first SLR - a used Olympus OMPC for $100 (see specs below). Before we finished our first roll, the camera developed a shutter problem. We took it to a local repair shop -they said it would cost approx $130 to fix. They also gave us the option of trading in the Olympus and spending an extra $90 towards the Yashica set up listed below.

Because we really don’t know if the Yashica is a decent camera, or if the Olympus is worth the extra cost to repair, we’re at a loss as to what is the best option.

Any suggestions from some of you seasoned photographers out there? --Thanks.

[color=blue]Olympus OMPC manual/auto SLR
35-70mm Olympus Zuiko zoom lens
Vivitar Zoom 3500 flash

Yashica FX-D manual SLR
50mm (1:2) Yashica lens
55-135mm (1:2.8) Yashica lens
75-300mm (1:5.6) Access tele-photo lens w/macro
Yashica CS-201 auto flash[/color]