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I could use some advice on places to shoot 8x10 and 7x17 in the are. I plan a 2-3 day trip to Death Valley and Bristlecone Pine. Where do I find Badwater?
Always wanted to shoot that place. I know about the big dunes in Death Valley. Mono Lake should be great with possibly dramatic clouds this time of year. I know there is Yosemite, of course, but I'd like other suggestions please. I like the eastern Sierras a lot.


Just go up 395 from Lone Pine. Oh course the Alabama Hills are off 395. If you have time stop in Bushop and visit the Galen Rowell studio, which BTW is very nice.

You may also want to consider the Devils Postpile. If you go up to Bristlecone you may need a jacket, it can get very cool at that altitude.

This is a great time of year to travel in the Eastern Sierras, have fun.

Don Bryant