There's so much to do in E. Sierras you could spend a lifetime discovering. Check out the Tufa towers on the S. side of Mono lake off hwy 120. You could give the 717 a workout there. Bristlecones remains my all time favorite place on earth to photograph. Beware: the light at 10,000 ele. with near 0% humidity is more than challenging. Your film will not see what you're seeing. Lots of blue up there. Cerro Gordo E. of Keeler is an interesting haunt. It's all private though so you need to call Mike Patterson and ask permission to come on up. Keeler is worth a stroll too. Just depends on where your heart's at as to which direction you go. If you wind up in Tonopah, give me a call.

Just went and looked at your gallery page. Gorgeous stuff. You WILL enjoy the Tufa's! Go also to the 'sand tufa's' at Navy Beach. Different direction from a Y in the same road. Bring lots of film. Also the drive up to Cerro Gordo may be an end in itself. (4wd required) but the rock formations on the way up are spectacular. In DV make the hike into "Mosaic Canyon". There's a gorgeous 717 shot about 1/4 mile in where the canyon makes an S turn.