Thank you everyone for your input.

in addition to my previous post: my husband wants to eventually do portrait photography using medium format. I would eventually like to upgrade into medium format myself. but first thing is first and that is learning the basics about photography. I use a minolta X-700, very good camera, and i don't work with anything other than manual. my husband wants an easy camera to learn from and eyed the canon. I don't know much about autofocus at all (and quite frankly, refuse too) but i'm looking at the newer canons and i can't figure out what my options are. My budget is $200. I havn't bought anything yet, i want to make sure it will work for what he wants and will want in the future. He wants to do portraits mainly and many little tidbits here and there. to start out anyway. we live in a rural area and there are no camera shops or any resourses to go to (other than the class at the community college) .

So, we're learning on our own, trying to figure everything out. I recently bought an elarger and planning putting together so sort of darkroom. (tired of having my pictures developed at wal-mart)

okay well thank you so much for your input. everyone has been a lot of help, i'm so glad i found this website!