Good day everyone,

Sean and I are working to bring you an APUG Baseball Cap through a “store front” that he is working on.

I would like to get an idea of the number of folks that would be interested in purchasing one.

The hats are 100% cotton, adjustable size. They appear to be quite well made. They are grey with dark blue embroidery work.

The way I would like to work this, is that perhaps 20% of the sale price will go directly to Sean to assist in maintaining the site. These hats would be reasonably priced, and the more folks that order the better pricing I can get from the manufacturer.

All I am looking for at the moment is a idea of interest. There is no commitment being made by you in indicating interest.

Please see the images below, and use the poling feature to indicate interest. If you have comments please feel free to post them here or pm or email me.

Thank you

Peter Dendrinos