I just wanted to share with you my debut in the Rangefinder world: last Sunday I was in Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro) and picked up at a flee market a Zorki 4K camera for 5 (!) with a black Industar 50/3.5

The camera is in excellent cosmetic conditions. The slow shutter speeds (and sometimes 1/60) did not work, but a friend of mine has put some grease in the shutter and "tuned" the curtains so that now everything seems to work just fine. Will need to put a roll in now and go out and shoot

Since this is the first time I use this kind of camera, I have to admit it takes a while to get used to this different focusing mechanism (the viewfinder seems to be difficult to use, for example, when you shoot to an angle close to the sun), and overall the feeling is a bit "crude", not as smooth as, say, my manual focus Nikon.

Anyway, I guess it's going to be fun

Do you know anything about the lens? What can I expect from it? Cosmetically it looks ok.