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i already ahve a hasselblad and a mamiya, im looking for a battery independent 6x6 with a pentacon six mount. I really want the hartblei 45mm shift tilt lense and they make adapters for mamiya 645 and contax and pentax but they are all 6x4.5 and i want square. i wish i could adapt these lenses to a hasselblad, either a 200 or 2000 series but nobody has done it, i might try later, anybody got a 200 series hassy to donate? thanks for all the replies.
One thing you want to consider is that the Kiev 88CM, which takes the Pentacon mount lenses, is a much better camera than the older Kiev 88. One important difference is that it uses a cloth shutter rather than the metal one on the older Kievs, and this makes it quiter as well as reduces tension on the shutter mechanism. The design of the back is also a real big improvement over the older Kiev 88. So you might find that the 88CM satisfies your needs nicely without the extra expense of the hartblei rework.