First two nights at the Virginia Creek Settlement = camping / or small cabins / or large cabins or motel rooms.
The place has plenty of places to BBQ and a small very nice restaurant.
It is located two miles north of the road to Bodie.

I have extensive knowledge about Bodie as I have being involved in research / photography there for the past 2 years.
Most people / photographers who visit Bodie have no clue what the place is all about except that it looks old, and that it was a wild place. That is not even scratching the surface!

1 full day in Bodie for sure - perhaps 2?
Before going to Bodie I can tell tales never told before about people who lived there, where they came from etc... (if anyone is interested of course...)

On the way to Mammoth we pass Mono Lake. Spectacular is all I can say. From Mono Lake there are choices: hop into Yosemite via the back road to Tuolumnee Meadows, or continue to Mammoth through the June Lake / Silver Lake area.

Mammoth has camping / motels / condos. I go the cheap route = camping. Mammoth does have a number of bears , especially during fall but if everyone keeps food in bear proof lockers we'll be fine. Southward to Bishop / a sidestep to Westgard pass / Bristlecone Pines for those inclined to do so.

Lone Pine is only a couple of miles from Alabama Hilss, which need no introduction.

It will be fun - we always have a great grout of photographers.


Weather in late October can be in the 70's during the day and 30 at night. At higher elevation like 8333 feet at Bodie the weather can change dramatically - even during summer.
Windbreaker, thin gloves, warm clothing, good shoes / boots are a must. Sun glasses are good too....