The roads will be OK unless we have a freak early winter storm.

The RV will be great at night. But the SUV easier to get around in - and you may want to go around to the backside of Mono Lake. NOT RV territory!

Campsites at Virginia Creek Settlement are $15 per night. Very small - bring your own sheets - cabins are $20....We will be having this workshop during off season so Ill try to get group deals when I know roughly how many people plan to participate.

The road to Bodie is 12 miles long if you take the easy route - 9 miles of pavement, 3 miles of dirt (slightly rough). If you go to Bodie from the south through Cottonwood Canyon I suggest using an SUV - 13 miles of dirt, and steeper - although not really that bad. The Cottonwood Canyon Road probably climbs about 2800 feet. The "normal" route from 395 climbs about 2000 feet or so.

The rest of the way along 395 is smooth. In Alabama Hills a SUV makes sense.

Remember we will try to car pool whenever we can...