maybe...but only 2 will fit in the cab of the truck, so taking 3 means 2 vehicles...might wind up doing this anyways, but I was wondering how the enlarger was put together & whether realistically we could expect to remove the head from the column & such, or transport it on it's back? Assuming we packed the lamphouse & glass all separate? We have a pallet jack that I guess we could use, but I'm worried about getting it onto the tommy-lift safely too. It would be easier if it could taken apart & moved in pieces.

I saw a picture online recently and it looked slightly different than the one in our state archives lab used to I'm having trouble visualizing what we need to get together for the trip tomorrow. There's just not much time on our end to line up alternate vehicles or help, that's all, and as long as it's being donated, we hate to pass it up.