I used to own one and have a friend who owns a different one and I've seen a photograph of a third one. All were quite a bit different. I think they were made over a long period with many variations.

The head comes off fairly easily, but the lens stage does not. You wan't to take the head off, or at least remove all glass from it as it's the only fragile piece, but it doesn't weigh all that much. The column can be removed from the baseboard with some bolts. The baseboard is very heavy, the column is even heavier. By taking the head and baseboard off the column, I was able to move mine up and down stairs by myself, but I would recommend using 2 people. If you don't remove the baseboard from the column, you may want 3 people, but 2 could probably manage.

The Elwood my friend has is the autofocus version. It weighs more than the one I had. If you are trying to move an autofocus 8x10 Elwood, you will want 2 people and 3 if you don't take it apart.