I own quite a few Russian cameras among them Zorki's (models 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6), Kiev 4's, Zarya's. Of the Zorki series, the 4's have the poorest construction and the Zorki 1 & 2's the best (being direct copies of the Leica II). For example, the shutter speeds on the Zorki 4 are painted on rather than engraved and rub off in time. On the plus side they do have a diopter correcting view finder. The Kiev 4's are identical copies of the Zeiss Contax III and are finely constructed but have a limited number of lenses available. The Zarya's are similar to the Zorki but have no rangefinder.

Despite some construction shortcomings, the Zorki 4's are capable of taking good pictures. Be careful, once you get bitten by the russian camera bug, it's hard to stop. It's fun using a camera that doesn't need batteries.