G'day from Melbourne. I've been lurking around for a couple of weeks now and thought I should announce myself.
I have been photographing for ummm.. over 40 years now, in 35mm and 6x6, 6x7. Have done about 20 weddings about 30 years ago and have home processed E4 using formulae out of BJP and C22 using Tetenal kits.
I have recently divested myself of all photo gear and reinvested the proceeds into a Canon D20 for happy snaps and a Wista 45 for serious work (landscapes in color).

I also have a question regarding processing C-41. I am in the research stage of acquiring a JOBO CPE-2 for processing color negatives, would the Dignan Divided developer be appropriate in this machine? Would the amount of agitation in the second developer be too high?
The only C-41 formulae I have seen I have found from posts on this forum (Dignan divided and Laut) and I am tracking down a copy of British Journal of Photography Annual (the final 1994 edition published in 1993) because
that's where I got my E4 formulas from.

Does anyone have any comments, suggestions on those or any other developers? Photo_Engineer, I've read a lot of your comments and have taken them on board and intend to experiment along the lines you say have been neglected. Do you have any further hints to drop? :-D