I have good reason to believe that divided developers will not work well with C41, most especially in a Jobo due to the high agitation.

In a multilayer film (color) diffusion becomes very important both inward and outward. As a result, the yellow layer will lose solution "A" faster than the cyan layer leading to crossover. I would go with a low agitation situation with a color divided developer if that is what you want.

On another side of the coin, the edge effects and color correction via DIR couplers and inhibition by iodide rely on diffusion as well, and in low agitation may lead to other effects such as exaggerated edges or bromide/iodide drag. As bromide or iodide goes up in the vicinity of development, density of solution goes up and therefore the halide heavy solution moves downward. In addition, pH effects are more severe in color due to the 6 silver layers and high level of silver. Coupling (dye formation) is quite pH sensitive and this can upset color balance.

You will be walking a tightrope here, I'm afraid, and I really don't have enough personal experience to judge. I use a Jobo myself and use C41 chemistry straight from Kodak ( being just 5 miles from the plant).

I have tried other mfgrs developers and seen the curves and data resulting, and some of it was not pretty. I don't want to slam them, but the only good processes I have seen come from Fuji, EK and Agfa. Of the available commercial products, the rest ran far behind in the tests I saw and the published formulas were so far from the real ones that they were not even tested. Of course, the last tests I saw are about 10 years old, so these mfgrs may have updated their formulas. I cannot speculate. If you do go down this road, I would be interested in hearing of your results.