A question about presentation:

I have been wodering about the relationship between the image size, undermatting, primary mat, sizes and colors, and the overall frame size.

I do all my own framing (reason: frugality) and I notice that some combinations seem to "work" and others ... don't. I have *NO* idea why - what mathematical formula may be involved or what other factors are involved.

As with printing, I have put the assembly together, decided that it did not "work", took it apart, and redid it again - sometimes three or four times - or until I reached the point where I decided it was simply time to stop.

I have seen effective presentations involving relatively small prints in relatively large frames ... a 5" x 4" in a 20" x 16" frame ... that both seemed to work, and others that did not "work" at all ... Black mats, white, every color and color combination of the rainbow...

So ... what are your thoughts on this, gang? Any "discovered" methods to ease the pain in this exercise?

There must be something "fun" in matting and framing. Someday, I hope to find out what it is.