In another part of the article in WSJ, it says that Kodak will begin to eliminate production of traditional phtography products except for best sellers at retailers. I wonder if they will sell after market HC110 which is the only product of theirs that I use that I can't make myself. And of course there is the continuing question of the future of AZO.

Now I will probably eliminate Kodak from my film and paper options. They seem pretty hell bent on getting out of film eventually. I only use their RC paper for contact sheets, but use TriX an Tmax films. I have been slowly moving to Ilford film in 35 and 120 (moved to Ilford and J&C for LF already). I use XTOL, but it is easily replicated from scratch. That only leaves HC110 but I will convert completely over to PYRO based developers for those applications. Also AZO, and I still use stuff I bought a few years ago from a photographer's estate but may need to stock up in larger sizes just for ULF applications.

So, I will throw my dollars to Ilford and others in hopes of keeping their traditional products sales robust enough to stay in production.