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A piece of ply, some u shaped aluminum channel,a plastic cutting board, the front standard off some band j camera,a surgical brace support thingy.a bandsaw blade, a rabies tag for a cat, various nuts and bolts, a picture frame from the thrift store, two yards of drapery fabric and some glue oh and a bit of time..why an 8x10 camera of course! oh forgot threaded rod and brass inserts and those plastic thingies they use in the packaging for kids toys these days.

I based my design on a cross between a philips explorer and a kodak masterview, the rest was bodgefied into existance,hope you guys like it!
oh and special thanks to all those apuggers who answered other peoples questions and provided solutions, especially pfitz for the tip on using a tile to glue up frames and calamity jane for the drapery blackout fabric for the bellows.

Great looking homebuilt, I like it!!!

And of course Jane's cameras are always beautiful, way to go everybody!!!