Stop at the DV visitors center and pick up a map and guide book. If you can go to the Race Track. PBS did a special on it a couple years ago and it became very popular and due to the theft of the rocks by tourists the rangers told us they make it a premit only area efectivly closeing it. Also badwater has a walkway being built (it might be finished) that stops several hundred yards short of the actual lowest spot due to a spider they are trying to protect that lives in the salt. It survives off of insects that fall onto the salt pan and was being steped on. So if you can go all the way to the pipe that the USGS uses to do water surveys. Scottys castle, ubhebe crater, and the mesquite trees at the visitors center are fun to shoot. Good food for the best price in DV is at the Indian reservation, Follow the Fry Bread signs on the main road. Rhyolite NV has some great images. It is next to Beaty NV along the east enterance road.