I think maybe we are all looking at this the wrong way. Kodak has spent tons of money and countless years researching conventional films. Currently they produce some pretty good products and they probably feel they can coast on what they are currently offering. I think the move to the new coating plant was the final stage in this 100 year journey.

I can't blame them for wanting to pour their money into a new technology that they could push forward and increase market share and profits with. The conventional film market is fully matured and will bump along all by itself.

As long as people are buying in sufficient numbers to make it a profitable enterprise they will continue to produce the product.

For myself, I am buying up all the AGFA APX 100 in 4x5 I can afford to purchase. Locally APX 100 in 4x5 goes for $18CAD and Tri-X 320 goes for $28CAD in 25 sheet boxes (actually you can only buy Kodak in 50 sheet boxes). That's $12.85USD -vs- $20USD. A no brainer in my books! Kodak is not worth 55% more in IMHO.